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Note* ALL applicants are required to submit a copy of their high school diploma, college diploma or GED certificate with their application.


The Calhoun County Civil Service Board will accept applications for the position of Deputy Sheriff, anytime Monday through Friday, in the Board Office at 1702 Noble Street.  Applications may be acquired at the Calhoun County Civil Service Board Office or online at   No resumes will be accepted.  All applicants must also complete the background booklet and turn it in with their application.

QUALIFICATIONS:  Minimum age of 21.  High School Diploma or GED from a state accredited institution is required.  Must have a valid drivers license.  Must be able to meet the physical requirements prior to admission to the Police Training Academy.  Any applicant who has been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude or use of force or violence; any person acquiring (15) or more points for traffic violations within a two year period, or any conviction of drug offenses other than first time conviction for possession of marijuana for personal use, shall not be eligible.  Must be a citizen of the United States.  Former military personnel must have honorable discharge from duty.

A detailed list of qualifications will be posted in the Civil Service Board Office.

There will be a written test and physical endurance test to be given at a later date. Beginning Salary is $13.51 per hour.  Salary for APOST certified officers depends on years of certified service.
Calhoun County is an Equal opportunity employer.

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