Calhoun County, Alabama

2nd Annual Law Enforcement Memorial Service

National Law Enforcement Week is May 11th through May 17th 2008 this is a time that all law enforcement officers remember the officers that gave the ultimate sacrifice.  Last year was one of deadliest years for law enforcement in over a decade with 181 officers giving their life in the line-of-duty.  One of which was Oxford Police Lt. Dexter Holcomb.  In addition, thousands of officers are injured yearly with many of the officers careers cut short due to the injury.  These officers are often forgotten, but their sacrifice is still enormous and life altering.

These officers volunteer to do this dangerous and thankless job, because it is a calling in their soul to help people and let criminals know they are being pursued.  So, please take the time to attend the 2nd Annual Calhoun County Law Enforcement Memorial Service on May 16th at 1:00p.m. at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial located between 17th and 18th Streets on Quintard Ave.

If you are unable to attend the ceremony take the time to thank a law enforcement officer for their service during this time.  It truly makes a difference to the officers.

Matthew Wade
Chief Deputy
Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office


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