Calhoun County, Alabama
The Calhoun County Commission honors
our Vietnam Veterans and
author Kent Mattox at the
March 22, 2012 Commission Meeting

Vietnam Veterans Recognition Day

On March 30, 1973, US Troops withdrew from Vietnam under the terms of the Treaty of Paris. Even though our service men and women served honorably and bravely in Vietnam, they arrived home to a country in political turmoil, and never received the recognition the deserved. The Calhoun County Commission, all members concurring, proclaim March 30, 2012, as Vietnam Veterans Recognition and Remembrance Day in Calhoun County, Alabama.

Kent Maddox, author of " Good Success God's Way" spoke and was recognized at today's meeting. Mr. Maddox is the senior pastor of Word Alive International Outreach.

Kent Maddox

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