Calhoun County, Alabama
News from the August 30, 2012
Calhoun County Commission Meeting.

Meeting the new Anniston Mayor

Football Season is Here!

Saks - Wellborn (JD - Eli) play Friday night
  Trash talking  
The Saks and Wellborn High School football teams will meet in Saks on Friday night and JD and Eli have their annual bet - looser picks up trash after the game.
The Coaches were both politically correct....but the Politicians were doing a lot of trash talking!!!

  The coachs and Commissioners and Superitendant  
No matter which team wins - these guys are proud to serve the students and citizens of
Calhoun County. Good luck to both teams on Friday night!

  Mayor Stewart  
The Calhoun County Commission welcomes Mayor Stewart and congratulates him and all the newly elected officials through-out Calhoun County.

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