Calhoun County, Alabama

Recycling Drop-Off Centers

These are in addition to our main Recycling Center located at the intersection of
Bynum Leatherwood Road and Old Gadsden Highway.


State Probation
Roll-off is across the street from the Anniston Police Department
21 West 12th Street, Anniston


Roll-Off is adjacent to the Garden Center
77 Justice Ave, McClellan


Recycling Center
Roll-Off is adjacent to the Recycling Center
4500 Bynum Leatherwood Road, Anniston


Roll-Off is adjacent to the Heflin Fire Department
1335 Ross Street, Heflin


Roll-Off is adjacent to the Ohatchee Fire Department
2440 Hartsferry Road, Ohatchee


Jacksonville State University
Roll-Off is beside Pete Mathews Coliseum
775 Park Ave NW, Jacksonville


Lincoln City Hall
Roll-Off is beside the City Hall
150 Magnolia Street, Lincoln

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