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Composting FAQ

What Is Composting?
Composting is nature's way of recycling. It is a process that naturally occurs
when organic materials are returned to the soil through decomposition.


DeskWhat's Involved in Backyard Composting?
Backyard composting is the process of decomposing your own
yard and kitchen waste. By spending a few minutes each week
and following a few easy steps, you can create your own compost
to use as fertilizer and mulch on your plants and lawn.


What are the Benefits of Backyard Composting?
   1) Composting benefits the soil by...

  • producing a rich, beneficial soil additive
  • reducing soil diseases by feeding the soil a balanced diet
  • producing healthier plants

   2) Composting benefits the environment by...

  • preserving the earth's resources
  • reducing the waste going to landfills
  • using fewer chemicals on your plants

Rake   3) Composting benefits you by...

  • lowering your water bill
  • reducing the amount of weeds in your yard
  • creating free mulch






Drop-Off Centers


State Probation
Roll-off is across the street from the Anniston Police Department
21 West 12th Street, Anniston


Roll-Off is adjacent to the Recycling Center
4500 Bynum Leatherwood Road, Anniston


Roll-Off is adjacent to the Heflin Fire Department
1335 Ross Street, Heflin


Jacksonville State University
Roll-Off is beside Pete Mathews Coliseum
775 Park Ave NW, Jacksonville


Pell City
Pell City Street Department
417 19th Street S



Education Outreach

The Recycling Office is available for educational tours and speaking engagements. To schedule a tour or a group presentation, please call the Recycling Office at 256-237-8339 or the Calhoun County Extension Office at 256-237-1621

Students Learning


Waste/Recycle Facts

Residential Municipal Solid Waste Nationwide


Chart of Nationwide Waste


Recycling Facts


  • With the aluminum we throw away in 3 months, the U.S. could rebuild its entire commercial air fleet.
  • America throws away over 200 million tires every year.
  • America throws away 31.6 million tons of yard waste each year (this could be composted).
  • 10 million gallons of oil were spilled in America's worst oil disaster - yet 570 million gallons of oil are improperly disposed of each year.
  • Recycling a 3-foot stack of newspapers saves one tree.
  • An average person throws away 5 pounds of trash per day.
  • The average person has the opportunity to recycle more than 25,000 cans in a lifetime.
  • Over 2 million tons of used electronics, including computers and televisions, are discarded each year.


Yearly Waste Totals for Calhoun County Alabama

Calhoun County residents dispose of 205 Million pounds of waste each year at the Calhoun County Landfill.

Waste in Calhoun County


The residents of Calhoun County Alabama dispose of 600,000 pounds of trash along our roadsides and at illegal dump-sites throughout the county (which is picked up by the county litter control department).

Waste in Calhoun County


Recycling Facts for Calhoun County Alabama -
How We are Making a Difference

Thanks to efforts in the county, more than 540 tons of material was recycled in Calhoun County and kept out of our waste stream. Below are statistics showing how we are making a difference in our environment:

Waste in Calhoun County

545 Tons or 1,090,000 lbs. of Recycled Material


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