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Snip It Details


The Calhoun County Commission in collaboration with Alabama Spay/Neuter, the Snip-It Ticket Program commenced on January 2, 2019. Since 2019, thousands of vouchers have been distributed across the County.

Voucher Details:

  • Residents in the unincorporated areas of Calhoun County are eligible for $25 vouchers.
  • For residents within municipalities or in their associated police jurisdictions, the costs are as follows:

    Standard Rates:
    Female Dog Spay: $71.00
    Male Dog Neuter: $56.00
    Female Cat Spay: $56.00
    Male Cat Neuter: $41.00


Special Considerations:

  • Certain municipalities contribute to the program, reducing the costs accordingly.
  • Participating municipalities include the Town of Ohatchee, City of Jacksonville,
    City of Anniston, and City of Oxford, each subsidizing $15 per voucher issued within its limits.

Program Guidelines:

  • Currently, you can obtain 5 vouchers at a discounted rate!
    Now, once you've utilized those first 5 vouchers, you can purchase additional ones at our standard rate.
  • Eligibility is limited to residents of Calhoun County.

Please call the Commission Office at (256) 241-2800 prior to arriving in person to inquire about the specific cost at your location within the County. As a reminder, checks or money orders are accepted. Cards are accepted with a 3.5% fee.

Detailed Procedure

Once a voucher is purchased from Calhoun County, the pet owner will need to call Alabama Spay/Neuter and make an appointment at either (205) 956-0012 or (877) 334-9738. When the owner makes the appointment they need to let Alabama Spay/Neuter know they have a Snip-It Ticket to pay for the surgery. If the pet is not current on their rabies vaccination, Alabama Spay/Neuter will provide the vaccination when they are there for the surgery at a charge of $26, which will be billed to the owner. If the pet is current on their rabies vaccination, Alabama Spay/Neuter will need the pet owner to bring the rabies certificate (not the tag) with them when they bring the pet for the appointment. Alabama Spay/Neuter will make a copy of the rabies certificate for their medical records and send the original back with the pet. There are no surgery surcharges under this program for weight, in-heat, or pregnancy. There is a $50 surcharge for cryptorchid males and pets that have an umbilical hernia, which will be repaired at the time of surgery. Both of these occurrences are rare but do happen from time to time. Any other additional service or vaccinations would be at the owners request and paid for by the owner.

Pre-payment in full is preferred for any additional services and the appointment will be made without the full copay, with the balance being due on the day of the appointment. If the owner does not attend their appointment and does not provide a notice of two business days of their cancellation, a charge of $22 rescheduling fee per appointment broken will be assessed.

Alabama Spay/Neuter offers transportation to and from Word Alive Church, 122 Allendale Rd, Oxford, AL 36203 for a $5 fee per animal. Pick up is on the second Monday of each month at 6:00 a.m. and the pet is returned at noon the next day. The owner can also bring their pets directly to Alabama Spay Neuter at 2721 Crestwood Boulevard, Irondale, AL 35210.

If the owner chooses to take their pet directly to the clinic, they will be scheduled at the next available opening, at the owner’s convenience. When bringing their pet directly to the Clinic, the owner will need to be at the location at 7:30 a.m. and return the same day at 4:30 p.m. 


Available Adoptions

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Step by step instructions are available here.



Rescue Application: 501(c)(3) rescue organization submittal form. (PDF)



From Highway 431

  • Get on Highway 109 (Bynum Leatherwood Road)
  • Stay on Highway 109 to second traffic light - turn right at this light
  • Follow Morrisville road to the end. Animal Control is located on left just before Landfill.

From Highway 202

  • Get on Highway 109 (Bynum Leatherwood Road)
  • Stay on Highway 109 to third traffic light - turn left at this light
  • Follow Morrisville road to the end. Animal Control is located on the left just before Landfill.


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