Calhoun County, Alabama

Welcome to the Environmental and Enforcement Office


The Calhoun County Enforcement Office was established on January 1, 2000 by your Calhoun County Commission. The initial purpose for establishing this office was to provide Calhoun County with a work force “Litter Control” to remove unsightly litter, and illegal dumps from the county highways, byways, and public areas. Over the years, the office has expanded its duties into areas similar to that of code enforcement in other counties. To date this office is responsible for Environmental Enforcement regarding Alabama’s Solid Waste Laws, Criminal littering, Calhoun County’s “Public Nuisance Law” , Mosquito Control, and the processing and assignment of Court Ordered Community Service. The Calhoun County Enforcement Office is located in the Calhoun County Administration Building, 1702 Noble St., Anniston, AL. 36201.

Office Hours are from 8:00am until 4:30pm Monday - Friday.

PH: 256-241-2942

The County Enforcement Office is closed on recognized holidays.
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