Calhoun County, Alabama

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Environmental Enforcement:
Enforcement of solid waste laws, local public nuisance laws and criminal littering. Initial reports on reported and suspected major environmental violations, which are then passed onto the Alabama Department of Environmental Management , Alabama Department Of Health and/or the United States Environmental Protection agency for further action.

Court Ordered Community Service Assignment:
Through coordination of the local court systems acquire court ordered community service clients for the Calhoun County Commission and schedule them to be placed with the Calhoun County Commissions Litter Control, and other suitable non-profit organizations. Closely monitor these clients and make reports to the local court system, and assigned probation authorities regarding completion or non-completion of court ordered community service.

Mosquito Control:
Seasonal program that operates from March 15  through October 15 each year. Established to prevent the spread of the West Nile Virus and other vector borne diseases in Calhoun County. The control is accomplished by systematic larviciding and adulticide processes that kill the mosquito on contact and prevent mosquito larva from maturing.

Litter Control:
Utilizing court ordered community service clients and assigned supervisors remove unsightly litter, and illegal dumps from the highways and byways of the county.

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