Calhoun County, Alabama

Environmental Enforcement


PH: 256-241-2942
MON-FRI  8:00am-4:30PM


Enforcement of solid waste, and local public nuisance laws. Initial reports on reported and suspected major environmental violations, which are then passed onto the Alabama Department of Environmental Management and/or the United States Environmental Protection agency.


Q. What types of environmental complaints are handled by the environmental enforcement section of the county enforcement office?

A. The Environmental Enforcement Officer handles all reported complaints within the unincorporated areas of the county regarding reported “Public Nuisances”. Section 45-8-172.01 , Code Of Alabama 1975, Public nuisances.

All weeds growing upon streets or sidewalks or upon private property subject to this part within the city limits of the city or in unincorporated areas of the county, which attain such large growth as to become a fire menace when dry, or which are otherwise noxious or dangerous, and any accumulation of trash, rubbish, junk or debris, or any unsightly or dangerous walls, or any abandoned or unsafe construction of any kind or nature, or motor vehicles not in usable condition, or any debris of a burned building, or any abandoned or unused swimming pool, or any abandoned wells or cisterns, may be declared to be a public nuisance by the city governing body or by the county commission, and thereafter abated as provided in this part.
Q. What type of enforcement powers does the Environmental Enforcement officer have?
A. The Environmental Enforcement Officer has the power under law and by official appointment of the county commission as a “Solid Waste Officer” to cite all violations of Alabama’s "Solid Wastes and Recyclable Materials Management Act.", and criminal littering laws.


Q. What type of formal training does the Environmental Enforcement Officer have?

A.  The Environmental Enforcement Officer receives training through an organization titled S.E.E.N. Southern Environmental Enforcement Network

An Alliance of Regulatory and Law Enforcement Agencies
Alabama • Arkansas • Florida • Georgia • Kentucky • Louisiana Mississippi • North Carolina • South Carolina • Tennessee • Texas • Virginia
The Network is one of four regional environmental enforcement associations created by the states to promote and enhance the effective enforcement of environmental statues at the state and local level, with a strong emphasis on criminal enforcement.  The Network encourages and supports the development of a comprehensive enforcement approach by bringing together all of the members of the environmental enforcement team:  regulatory agencies, attorneys general, local prosecutor organizations and law enforcement agencies.
The Network provides local, state and federal environmental enforcement professionals with formal training courses, opportunities for professional networking, and mechanisms for the exchange of information.
The four regional environmental enforcement associations are the major providers of training to state and local environmental enforcement personnel; having trained tens of thousands of enforcement professionals to date.

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