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Litter Patrol

Litter Patrol




PH: 256-241-2942
FAX 256-231-1747

Created by the Calhoun County Commission in 1999 to rid the counties highways and byways of unsightly litter.

Q. What is litter control?
A. Litter control is a highly organized group of supervisors and community service workers that scan, check and pick up litter from all county roads. Daily there are two litter patrols with anywhere from 4-8 personnel dedicated to cleaning the roads.

Q. There are many roads in Calhoun County how do they know which roads to pick up?
A. During the first couple of years stats were recorded and analyzed as to what the problem areas were as well as the most requested roads for litter pick up. From these stats a computerized litter index was developed. Every month a listing of roads is generated by computer so that the litter control crews know where to go.

Q. If my road hasn't been picked up in sometime and its got a lot of litter what can I do?
A. Call 256-241-2942 your request will be recorded and entered into the litter index, and then your road will be scheduled for pick up.

Q. How long will it take to get my road picked up once I call in a request?
A. Upon being checked by a litter control supervisor, it will be placed with other requested roads according to severity. Which means anywhere from a week to two weeks depending upon the time of the year. Unfortunately some people call because of a few scattered pieces of litter, this does not necessarily justify a road pickup and it takes away time from roads that are in bad shape. Please only request roads that are severe, the litter index will get the rest.

Q. How much litter is picked up daily in Calhoun County?
A. One-half ton a day seven days a week or three and a half tons per week. This is a constant number because people are creatures of habit once a litterbug always a litterbug. Report criminal littering to your local authorities and demand action. Record license plate number, location of littering, time, and date as well as any description of the vehicle or person. Be a witness that will appear in court if need be. If your not involved with your community then your community is not involved.

Q. I've seen state inmates on roads in the county do we get assistance from the state?
A. No, the state inmates you see assist in keeping the state and federal roads clean; they don't assist with county roads.


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