Calhoun County, Alabama

Calhoun County Commission
and the
Alabama Community Broadband
Technical Assistance Program

Alabama has set a speed target for all citizens of 100/20 Mbps (the States definition of broadband)
and a 100/100 Mbps standard for future infrastructure funded by the State.

There are grants that are becoming available to Calhoun County to help fund broadband connections to those residence that currently have no Internet connection.

Citizens can help the County by checking their current connection capabilities (as defined by the FCC). If there are discrepancies, you can submit a challenge. The link below will take you to the FCC website, from here enter your home address. The site should pull all Internet Service Providers (ISP) available at your location. If there are any discrepancies, click the "challenge" button located above the ISP. No personal information is collected.

FCC Website:

The State of Alabama has also created a Broadband map which can be accessed here:

Additional (non-map) information from the State Broadband Assistance Program can be found here:

ADECA and the Alabama Community Broadband Technical Assistance Program is helping Calhoun County conduct broadband planning, meet the goals of the Alabama Connectivity Plan, to better understand the needs of residents, and to improve broadband adoption in communities of greatest need.

ADECA is doing some phone surveys in our area. The caller ID for this will show "ADECA Broadband Survey". If you happen to receive one of these calls, please take the time to complete the survey.

This is an ongoing project with an estimated completion date well into 2027. Please check this page periodically for updates and meetings that will be held in Calhoun County. If you have any questions please contact the County Commission via email or phone (listed to the left).

You may also contact ADECA directly. You can find contact information for them on the ADECA website above

Alabama Community Organization Digital Barriers and Opportunities Questionnaire.
Alabama ISP Engagement Questionnaire.
Alabama Agency Asset Inventory Questionnaire.

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