Calhoun County, Alabama
Charles Markert, Jr.
Calhoun County Engineer
retires June 30, 2009

The Calhoun County Commission notes with appreciation and respect the distinguished career of Charles P. Markert, Jr., who is retiring after thirteen years of dedicated service to Calhoun County. In his capacity as Calhoun County Engineer since 1996, he has earned the admiration and respect of his co-workers, his superiors, and the citizens of Calhoun County. He has served with tenacity to fulfill the directives as charged by the County to employ, supervise and direct the Calhoun County Highway Department in order to maintain, design, and construct county roads and bridges. The Calhoun County Commission, all members concurring, hereby commends and congratulates Charles P. Markert, Jr., for all his outstanding service to Calhoun County, its citizens, and the State of Alabama. We all wish Charles many years of good health and happiness in his retirement.


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