Calhoun County, Alabama


Due to the rising cost of operation and new fees imposed by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management the following rate schedule will be
effective January 1, 2019


Loads Charged by Volume
Private cash loads brought in a car or pick-up truck that contains no heavy construction debris, wood, etc. are charged as follows:
6 bags up to loads even with pick-up truck bed:
$8.00 load (Minimum)
Loads over bed of pick-up truck:
$12.00 load


Loads Charged by Weight
All commercial loads, vehicles larger than a pick-up truck, trucks with trailers, loads with construction material and masonry, tires or loose garbage are weighed both ways and charged as follows:
Construction/Demolition (C/D) loads:
$26.00 per ton
Municipal Solid Waste (garbage) loads:
$46.00 per ton
Mixed brush & Debris loads:
$26.00 per ton
TIRES C/D Bulk Rate Discounts
Tires (any size) $26.00 per ton Up to 100 Tons: $26.00 per ton
    101 - 200 Tons: $24.00 per ton
    201 - 300 Tons: $22.00 per ton
    Over 300 Tons: $20.00 per ton

The Landfill accepts Cash or Check (with proper ID) for all payments.

**With prior approval, charge accounts may be set up for businesses.**

Please separate materials for easy unloading at recycling areas which are set up for the following items: Tires, Paint, Antifreeze, Oil, Metal and Brush

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