Calhoun County, Alabama

County Wins Award ... Again, and AGAIN!


"Excellence in County Government Award"

For the forth time in 13 years, Calhoun County has won the annual "Excellence in County Government Award" that is presented each year by the Alabama Association of County Commissions.  The entry, entitled "How Calhoun County is Saving Energy and Protecting the Environment" was the winner in the urban county category.   The winning award is determined through a competitive process and judged by a panel of individuals involved in county government throughout the state. Members of the Calhoun County Commission accepted the award at the Associations annual conference which is held in Orange Beach, Ala. in August.

Beginning in 2005, the Calhoun County Commission decided to get serious about saving energy and helping protect the environment. With this in mind, the Commission started looking for ways of doing just that while dealing with buildings ranging in age from 105 years old to the newly-completed (2008) Highway Department complex. By following guidelines set out by the EPA, the County Commission was able to improve its energy and financial performance and also be recognized as an environmental leader. These guidelines involved a 7-step process that required the Commission to make a commitment, assess performance, set goals, create an action plane, implement the action plan, evaluate progress and recognize achievements. As a group, the Energy Star qualifying buildings use 40 percent less energy than the average building.

 In addition to this years award, the County won the award in 1997, 2003 and 2005.  The 1997 award entitled "Eyesores to Assets" focused on the use of county inmates and community support in refurbishing a community park and recreation area that had succumbed to blight and disrepair.

 The entry in 2003 was entitled "Aint Nothing Free  - - - -  Or Is It?",  told the story of Calhoun County's efforts to reduce illegal dumps and roadside litter by providing free access to the county's landfill once a quarter.

The 2005 award entitled "Shuffling the System  -  Moving Inmates and Saving Money" centered around the county's efforts and success at reducing the cost of medical services associated with inmate incarceration.

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