Calhoun County, Alabama

Commissioner Hess & Commissioner Henderson
Renew their yearly "Trash Collection Bet"

For the second year in a row Commissioner Henderson (Commission District 3) & Commissioner Hess (Commission District 4 ) place a friendly wager on the Saks - Wellborn High School football game which will be held tonight (August 28, 2008). The losing Commissioner will assist in the removal of trash from the opponents side of the Stadium. Head Coaches from both teams were present for today's Commission meeting and both promise an exciting game.

Wellborn Coach and Staff
Coach Weems
Principle Whatley
from Wellborn High School discuss tonight's game with Commissioner Henderson & Commissioner Abbott.

Coach Smith of
Saks High School and
Commissioner Hess discuss
Commissioner Henderson's trash collection duties.

Saks Coach

Saks coach and eli trash bag

Coach Smith gives Commissioner Henderson
a personalized trash bag for
his "Possible" use at
tonight's football game.



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