Calhoun County, Alabama

Commissioner Henderson pulls trash duty!

For the second year in a row Commissioner Henderson (Commission District 3) & Commissioner Hess (Commission District 4 ) place a friendly wager on the Saks - Wellborn High School football game which was held August 28, 2008. Again this year, Commissioner Henderson ended up pulling trash duty at the end of the game. Both Commissioners thank all those involved and wish both teams continued success with the remaining football season.

Radio spot with Mike, JD, Eli, and Randy

Commissioner Hess, Commissioner Henderson,
and Representative Wood discuss who will pick up trash at the end of the game on Alabama 810 radio.

The Saks cheerleaders show their appreciation
for a job "well done" to Commissioner Henderson

Saks cheerleaders cheer on Eli

JD and Eli after game

Both Commissioners look forward to the remainder of this football season and to making the "trash removal wager" an annual event.

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