Calhoun County, Alabama


A Guardian is a person appointed by the Court to make decisions concerning a person's physical needs. An incapacitated person is someone who is physically and/or mentally unable to care for himself/herself. In some cases the person has a chronic use of drugs or alcohol, is confined, or is being detained by a foreign power, or has disappeared.

A Guardian may be appointed when a  person can no longer make decisions regarding their personal needs. In some cases a Guardian might become necessary because the person might have suffered a stroke or other illness and be unable to respond or make medical decisions alone.

Once the petition for appointment of a Guardian is filed for an adult, a physician must examine the ward and render a report of his/her findings. In addition, the Court will appoint a Court Representative and a Guardian ad Litem. In the case of a minor the Court will only appoint a Guardian ad Litem.







If you have a mental health emergency, outside of our normal business hours, please call the Sheriff's Office at (256) 236-6600 and ask for the Mental Health Officer.

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