Calhoun County, Alabama

Liquor License Information


If these requirements are not met,
liquor purchases from the ABC Board
will be denied.


Liquor License Information

The State of Alabama and Calhoun County requires all businesses serving or selling liquor
to purchase a license. Information on the process to obtain a license is as follows:


Requirements for Retail Sale of Liquor

  • Obtain approval and license from the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board
    located at 1826 Quintard Avenue, Anniston, AL. 36201. Telephone (256) 237-3211
  • Obtain a Calhoun County liquor license from the Judge of Probate located at
    1702 Noble Street, Anniston, AL. 36201. Telephone (256) 241-2825.
    The annual cost for the license is $100.00
  • If business is to be located within the city limits of a municipality, obtain approval
    and any required license from City Hall.



Legislative Act No 92-465 authorizes the Calhoun County Commission to collect tax in the amount of fourteen percent (14%) for purchases made by retailers at the ABC Board of spirituous beverages and fortified wine (wine containing more than fourteen percent (14%) volume of alcohol). This tax is to be paid to:

Judge of Probate
Calhoun County
1702 Noble Street, Suite 102
Anniston, Alabama 36201

This is a separate tax for Calhoun County, and does not pertain to any tax collected by a municipality or AlaTax. A packet of information, forms and the liquor license can be obtained at the Probate Judge's office.




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