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We accept CASH or CHECK. No debit or credit cards.

It will take approximately 20 minutes to process your application once you have filled out your information sheet.



Valid for 30 days (must have ceremony no later than 30 days after obtaining license).  Ceremony must be performed within the State of Alabama.
Additional information on January 1, 2016 Marriage license increase


Guidelines for Applicants 18 years or older

* Applicants must be present when applying for the license.
* Applicants must have Identification with current legal name. Example:  
   Any state issued ID or Driver’s License, Military ID, Passport, U.S. Government issued   
   Immigration Services ID card, (green card, visa, alien resident card), or State Certified
   birth certificate (Xerox copies or hospital certificates will not be accepted)
* Your name will be spelled EXACTLY as it is listed on your Identification.
   If your name has been legally changed we must see an original court order.
* Any applicant divorced within the last 6 months should bring a certified copy of the
   Judgement of Divorce.


Guidelines for Minors 16 or 17 years of age

* Identification needed:  State certified birth certificate (Xerox copies or hospital 
   certificates will not be accepted)
* Both parents listed on the birth certificate must be present with some form
   of current government issued picture ID (example:  driver’s license)
* If a parent is deceased, a death certificate is required.
* If parents are divorced and one parent has full custody, you must bring a certified copy
   of the custody order signed by a Judge, if both parents cannot be present when applying
   for the license.
* If DHR has ever retained custody of the minor, that information must be disclosed.
* The Probate Judge must be present to approve the parental consent form before a
   marriage license can be issued to a minor.
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