Calhoun County, Alabama

Name Changes

Adult Name Changes

Forms are provided in the Probate Court Office.

  • The Petitioner must be a legal resident of Calhoun County and age 19 or older.
  • The form must be filled out completely before returning to the Calhoun County Probate Office. It must be notarized outside the Calhoun County Probate Office.
  • The filing fee is $65.00

Minor Name Changes

You will need to contact an attorney for a minor name change

  • Minor children must be legal residents of Calhoun County.
  • The Petitioner must present a certified copy of the child's birth certificate. Certified copies may be obtained from the Center of Health Statistics at 334-206-5418.
  • A person listed as the father on the birth certificate must petition jointly with the mother for a name change, or sign a consent.
  • The minor child who is 14 or older must sign a consent to have a legal name change.
  • The filing fee is determined after the paperwork has been filed in the Probate Office.



If you have a mental health emergency, outside of our normal business hours, please call the Sheriff's Office at (256) 236-6600 and ask for the Mental Health Officer.

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