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Recording of Instruments

The duties of the Recording Division include the recording, indexing and preserving of permanent documents, primarily real estate records.  Real Property instruments consist of deeds, mortgages, liens, judgments and anything  pertaining to property in Calhoun County.  All recorded documents are public record with the exception of military discharges.

The Alabama Legislature has adopted Ala. Act 2012-494. A PDF copy of this Act is available here for your information and review. This act requires the utilization of a form to attest to the actual value or actual purchase price of the subject property. You may download the form for future use from our web site. Please read Judge Martin's memo regarding this new Act which goes into effect August 1, 2012.


Real Property Recording Fees
Mortgage Tax (round up to next $100)
$0.15 per $100
Deed Tax (round up to the next $500) ***
$0.50 per $500
*** Include a note stating the value of the property or its full purchase price***
Please check requirements listed at the bottom of this page.
Basic Recording Fees
First Page (includes certification, indexing, page and mental health fee)
Each additional page
Extra Indexes or References ***
$1.00 each after two
*** Additional fee for indexing each name in excess of two entries in the direct index or two entries in the reverse index.
Additional fee for releasing more than one book and page number. ***
Corporation Fees
Corporation (Profit) ***
$100.00 Sec. of State
$57.00 Probate Judge
Corporation (Non-Profit) ***
$100.00 Sec. of State
$57.00 Probate Judge
Corporation (LLC) ***
$100.00 Sec. of State
$57.00 Probate Judge
*** All Corporation Recordings require two checks, one made payable to the Secretary of State and one to the Calhoun County Probate Judge as shown above. ***
UCC-1 Financing Statement
First Two Pages
Each additional page after two
Each additional debtor after two
Cross index in real estate records
Termination Statements
Non-Standard Form Fee
Misc Fees
Copies (per page)
Certification Fees (per document)

Simultaneous Recording of Deed and Mortgage
The mortgage tax and fee for recording the mortgage will be calculated as mentioned above.  The deed tax will be figured on the amount of the sales price exceeding the amount of the mortgage.  If the mortgage is to a tax-exempt institution, full deed tax is due based on the value of the property or full purchase price.

Miscellaneous Documents
On miscellaneous documents such as affidavits, powers of attorney, releases of liens, assignments, certificates of judgment, basic recording fees are due.  An additional fee for releasing more than one book and page number is also due.

CHECKLIST/REQUIREMENTS for Real Property Recordings

1. Instrument prepared by: Instrument must show the name and address of the preparer.
2. Marital status of Grantors or Mortgagors.
3. Mailing address of Grantees or Mortgagee.
4. Complete legal description including Plat Book or the Section, Township, Range.
5. Signed and notarized.

A self addressed, stamped envelope is required with all mailed envelopes.  Please provide a return envelope large enough to hold the documents.  Documents are returned the day after being recorded. 

Documents that have been stapled are difficult to process on our imaging system.  Please do not staple.  Documents should be legible originals or certified copies.

Please call the Probate Office at 256-241-2825 if you have any questions or problems computing your fees, or any unusual documents to record.   Our goal is to record all documents without unnecessary delays.

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